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🎉 Great news everyone! 🎉

We’re excited to make life even easier for all of you music fans out there, with the launch of our new Annual Premium subscription.

You can find more details on our Offers Page.

  • Offer:
It offers Freemium users the first year for the price of 10 months Premium through a one-time payment. Pay once during the first year to become a premium subscriber.

  • Where?
This offer is available for all countries (except in Japan)

  • Who is this offer for?
Freemium users only for now.
We’re talking to our payment team whether this could apply to existing Premium users, and will keep you posted if things change.✌

Big thanks to the community who suggested the yearly plan on our Ideas & Account sub-forum!

👍 to @Jordaan.Family for creating a "Yearly Premium + offer" post and @KingPrince and all of those who voted for this idea!

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Great news! 🙂

so I'm guessing as a premium user you could always let it expire and then pay for an annual premium (as a work around for the premium users?) ? 🤔
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Hi Rob,

You are right, if an user want to subscribe to the annual subscription, they have to cancel or let it expire their current subscription, wait until their account turns back to free and then subscribe again. Same way around.
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Any plans to introduce the annual subscription to the family plan?
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Hi @AnZu, I'm sure they are considering it, but we don't have an estimate time. Feel free to join our Got an Idea Forum and give other users the opportunity to vote for your ideas 🙂
Hi, how can I change the account type to be annual/HiFi? There is no option?

Thank you. Tom.
The renewal of my Deezer HiFi is shortly due. It appears that no discount is being offered for an annual renewal. If this is the case, how can I change my subscription to monthly payment?
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Hi @tdawe , @Hilltrekker, we have this LIMITED HiFi - Sonos offer here. When you click to subscribe you can see the annual option. 🙂
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Hi @Rafael. - the "here" link is a dead landing page 🙂 fyi (I only clicked it to be nosy to see the offer) 🙂
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Rob Igo wrote:

Hi @Rafael. - the "here" link is a dead landing page 🙂 fyi (I only clicked it to be nosy to see the offer) :)

It's the same one, but it might appear differently, depending on you current subscription.

On the middle of this page there is another link to start the 30 day HiFi trial. Have a look if this second link here is better 😉
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ah i'm in the UK neither work for me (not to worry I don't need it!)
That worked! Thanks @Rafael. @Rob Igo !
Thanks @Rafael. I have now renewed my subscription taking advantage of the offer.☺
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thanks for letting us know! Have fun!
Hi, please I want to cancel my subscription to the Premium plan then when my account reverts to Freemium, I'll subscribe for the annual plan.

What will happen to all my offline downloads once my account switches to Freemium before I make the jump to annual premium plan?

I'd hate to redownload all 6GB of offline music once I make the switch to annual subscription


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