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Get Trapped In A Box, our brand new Android TV app is out now!


  • Enjoy 53 million tracks on your TV, and other devices
  • Get Flow: all your favourite music, mixed with fresh recommendations and songs you forgot you loved
  • Browse recommended playlists and channels curated by Deezer’s music specialists
  • Get access to podcasts and radio stations
  • View album artwork and song lyrics on your big screen
  • Use Google Assistant to control Deezer

Who can use Deezer Android TV?

Deezer on Android TV is available to all Deezer users with Android TV version 5.0.
If you’re a paying user, you get access to all core features listed above, including the expanded browsing, search and playback benefits of the native app.
If you’re a free user, you can browse the Deezer catalogue, listen to Flow, radio and recommended playlists in shuffle mode.

Set up Deezer on your Android TV

To download Deezer from the Google Play Store for Android TV, follow these steps:
  1. Search for Deezer in the Search bar or browse in Apps > Categories > Music & Audio
  2. Select the app to install it
  3. Launch the app
  4. Enter your Deezer log in details, and choose Log in
Note: at this time, is it not possible to log in using Facebook or Google+.
Not got a Deezer account yet? Sign up for one now.

Please write below if you have any feedback or need any more info about setting about your Android TV 😉

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It didn't was available before ?
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Hi @Rafael. will there be updates for other smart tv's and Amazon Firestick also in the near future?
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Hey @Rob Igo the Amazon Firestick Deezer app is developed by Amazon so any updates are up to them 😕 I'm not aware about the other smart tv's but I'll ask around and let you know if there's anything planned 🙂
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I don't think that Amazon is developing any kind of Deezer App. This has to be done by the Deezer Developers or do you think that Amazon ist programming a Netflix App for Netflix?
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@AnZu I don't know how's the deal with Netflix, but in our case, that's not managed directly by Deezer. Same for other devices where we're available like Sonos and BMW Online Entertainment, for example. Those apps are not managed by us.
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Hi @Ana.

I believe you're incorrect about the Deezer Amazon Fire Stick app. I had many problems with it when it launched to the point were both head of Deezer Technical support (I can dig out the support ticket number if you need it) and Amazon support were involved (because the sleep function on the app kicks in after 20 mins and the music stops - which has still never been fixed).

Your support eventually agreed it was a Deezer problem but there was no immediate solution 😞 (that was like a year ago). The apps never been updated since, the problem still exists hence why I was hoping they'd be an update 🙂

On the other hand Samsung Smart TV has a Deezer app and that works a treat 🙂
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@AnZu @Rob Igo Just to let you know, we are working on a brand new app for Fire TV too, which will be very similar to the new Android TV one 🙂 But it still needs a bit of work, which is why we can't give you an ETA just yet. I will update this topic as soon as I've got news for you 🙂

Deezer on Amazon Fire TV
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Thanks for the information 🙂


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