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  • 21 December 2020
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The Holiday season it’s here and we'd like to say farewell and celebrate the end of this challenging year with a special topic:champagne: :confetti_ball::tada::sparkler:



Aiming to finish this and start the new year with a positive mood, we want you to feel special and connected to others (even remotely) by sharing the music kept in your hearts. Hopefully sharing happy moments will make people smile and spread the joy.

We'd like to create the most unique playlist of all times and include your special track. This time is not about your top song of the year (how predictable that would be); it’s reminiscing a track played during a special moment and every time you play it, brings you good feelings, laugh or a smile. :man_dancing_tone1::dancers::dancer_tone4:

It's all about happy recollections throughout music that brings you back to good stories and fulfilling moments from the past.

Don’t be shy or scared to share your cheesy side, after 2020 nothing can surprise us…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rolling_eyes: :kissing_heart:

10 replies

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Good day.

I am only six months on Deezer Premium and my best moment with it, it was well, leaving Google Music for good. Google ending it, I wanted to react on time. For six months I had more moments with Deezer. I paid on first day year in advanced, and they also gave me two months free!

That was my best impression at first: getting free months and not only one month.

Two months. For free. Did I say that?

As soon as I had my first problem Deezer, I contacted support in chat, and they gave me One Week free on top of that for caused inconvenience. My moment was, that no matter what, there’s music.

In the end I ended up having Premium music for 14 months and 1 week straight.

With Deezer I knew first time in my life after 6 years on paid Spotify and after 5 years on paid Google Music what I always needed, but never really wanted. Deezer. I was somehow satisfied with them.

Until Google decided to take that joy out. They closed it, I started new opportunity in my life.

Best moments Deezer, you ask? Well, where should I start.

  1. Musical journey hard dance whole 2020. I’ve discovered many new tracks, and as well I found old favorites hard dance I forgot existed. I couldn’t find FLOW this good anywhere else. Radio can be better, but I see they are working hard on improving it already. And what more they do!
  2. Always improving minimalistic interface which indeed was one moment… best.
  3. I always walk and I walk big. In Valkeakoski I walked one day for 20 kilometers straight. I ate nothing, but I had so much energy with the friend that sounds. Deezer keeps me on track when I walk, and I walk and I walk long distances. I’ve lost weight tremendously!
  4. Always lots of club sounds for the loner like me with no friends. Listening music is my life. I don’t see myself honestly listening ANYWHERE, literally anywhere else music than Deezer.
  5. I discovered almost every tree in the woods music playing and it played to this day!
  6. The last, but honestly not least, and not only moment… is listening Deezer+ on high quality Sony headphones Bluetooth WH-1000XM3. Premiere service and HQ will take you further with your finest moments on your loudest musical journey. Thank you for the 320K MP3 sound!

As well I can not wait that moment when I will say happy and loud being customer one year…

And I bet it will be next summer.

Before I forget, this is my current track of memories.

It’s what I stand for. My Deezer is playing 24/7 hard dance.

If you want to enjoy Deezer HQ, go shop for these Sony headphones

I quarantee you will be satisfied.

I feel joy, happiness, satisfaction and what else listening it. I feel paying €7,99 annually for Deezer Premiere is worth it, I can’t wait to pay one year more! For that I need that one year customer.

Deezer is my life. Music is my friend. Sony is my sound. Always.

When I bought my first hifi headphones Bluetooth. I didn’t watch the price tag. It was a bit huge for €269 one, but I bought. I wanted to see how much moments I will have instead of looking price.

Deezer moments. Soon for one year Premiere customer €7,99/mo.

Believe, it will be so soon and I will ask once again how to pay one year more after just paying?

It was very hard selection to select something just once and outside top lists 2020, top lists november or july… so I may go for my liked tracks and select something from here instead.

And yes, this time no Refuzion!

But boys, how much I wanted to post him… maybe next time!


This is not Hardstyle, this is not Hardcore.

This is hard dance Dancecore, a little bit softer than general, but I do like it. The reason I like it, this is a banger. I like melody, lyrics and the artist behind it. Lyrics they fit my life. They have a story behind: if you have no friends, pimp your life with the music. This way you’ll make music your friend.

Music is a friend you can trust. I talk from experience.

This is the time to open your Deezer Premium and then write about your moment.

Before I end, indeed 15 years ago doctor said my life was a bore, so I started listening hard dance music. Since summer 2019 I listen on Deezer Premium, and life isn’t boredom anymore.

Thank you creators and fans of Deezer :pray:

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This is my track for 2020, @VeroMCG 
It makes me a bit angry, happy and excited at the same time!


for 2021:

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Hey @VeroMCG 

Great idea! Here’s my track for 2020: This takes me back to the 90s! :alien:

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@hpguru Well done on point 3! That’s amazing. #2021goals

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Ok. This track reminds me of a summer trip to the lake, which is nicknamed Czech Ibiza cca 70km from Prague. Camps, sun, sandy beach, bars, heat, djs on the beach, disco, fun .. I always play this track in the car. Summer memories ..

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The Hessian comedian duo Badesalz summarized 2020 pretty well for me in this track, even if it was already released in 1992:


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I don’t have one particular track for 2020 but this song from Michael Kiwanuka is within my favourites:


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Great mix! You all inspire me, so I’m going to post mine too :innocent: . It is so difficult to choose, but I will give some of the tracks that brings me great memories. 


1- Every time I heard this, I remember when I use to go clubbing early times (old friends pop to my mind)

2- Songs that cheer me up and somehow calm me when I’m moody :sweat_smile: &

3- Track that makes me feel is summer again and brings me the vibes from a memorable Ibiza trip with the girls squad  

4- Because any “copla” or flamenco song like this will make me feel my beloved grandma is back  :heart_eyes:

5- Last one, is an album that has helped me recently on lockdown to find a safe space; helped me to calm and find some sort of peace. Probably I will play it more :smiley:


Here you are then,  please don’t judge :see_no_evil: - Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone!

P.S:  @hpguru Thanks a lot for sharing your deepest music feelings and Deezer experience, big respect! 

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Actually thanks for your time moderators. I am glad my story motivated you.

You all are really working towards great product.

One reason I pay Deezer, is because Google Music was 320K MP3 and they offered 256K AAC. Many say it should be equivalent, but codecs they used was just not that good. Deezer is 320K MP3.

I didn’t like the Google Music going away for less quality YouTube Music.

Deezer will take you Dancing! Thanks again and please do implement anything 2021.

You will have a full year for your stories to share!