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  • 23 September 2020
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What would you do if over of your friends was having an affair with another friend of yours, and you were also close friends with the person who was getting cheated on? The two that are having an affair tell you to keep their secret, but you know that the guy that's being cheated on already has serious depression and probably should already be taking a daily antidepressant. Could you lie to him and still have the nerve to call yourself his friend? I can't. 

4 replies

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Honestly I have no friends.

I learned to live alone, and when I had friends, I’ve met them online mostly.

First one he was covert borderline, and second one, was… covert borderline.

As an empath I do know something attracts these people. These were guys. Much like me and they both lovebombed me for a dream. Some of them they do use antidepressants. Some alcohol. Some all of them. My first one didn’t use any. All I can say borderline people they do like to cheat.

They like to take all your friends manipulating. BPD are very manipulative people.

I met two of them, and I wish I will never meet anyone like they.

I mean the love period it lasted, fine. Nice moments. In a matter of seconds they changed to evil, distant people, you are much like a doormat. With second one I was financially abused. Paid him phone bills, so he could sit on his Tinder searching new guys and girls to replace me -- or to use as side supply.

Any secrets they tell to you, you value and never use against them.

Any secrets you tell to them, they will use against you.

Almost 1,5 years ago I said enough for my second guy I used to love. I walked away. Oh, did I say he posted same day 5 emails and 2 messaged claiming to ruin my life. Here I am, stronger alone.

I didn’t want to pay him free lunches, phone and electricity bills, loans… having nothing.

He used my money like his, and if I had nothing for a food, that wasn’t a big deal.

I was not able to talk about it face to face, this is why I Gmailed him last letter.

Rage started, I didn’t answer. In three months on his birthday he tried to hoover me. Messaged. I laughed, oh you want some gigts? Not this year and deleted the post. My birthday was week later and he never said a word about it… I gave him bag with gifts, he didn’t even look inside it in 2018…

It was a cold shower after warm shower.

One thing I can say, RUN RUN RUN for your life!!!

You can’t change people, but you can change people.

Honestly I couldn’t call him my partner, or even friend… he was so cold. It’s like I came to his house to help with cleaning, he didn’t even say hi. I was like a stranger in the end. Other time he said what the ... are you doing here? I was to help him on tough times, never heard thanks. Only bad words…

In our last fight he was about to put restraining order towards me, for helping him?

I said for myself time to leave… there’s more in life than drama after drama.

My favourite hard dance artist released this song 2020 and it tells about my relationship with him to a t!

He nailed it!!!

I listen it daily. If you want to talk more about cheating people with depression, send me PM.

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These people cheat on everyone.

I am talking with two guys experience. Lovebombing, devalue, discard…

They love internet long distance relationships as this gaves them ability to cheat. Both were borderline, and second depressed and anxious. First left for better supply and second was just unstable. Financial abuse, I had no money by end of month as he got loans paid and free lunch all the time… I took my savings €5000 a year just to help him who can not be helped.

Nothing I did was enough. When alone with him, at his house, he treated me like a doormat. Could hit with hands just by sitting near him. Played on Playstation 24/7, so much stress, I gained weight. Perhaps you experience something similar? I gave him trip to Amsterdam, all free, so we could celebrate 6 months of dating and he was so cold… like he didn’t know me.

He was poor in loans 20 000 plus.

They usually have friends yes, but their friends are to use and abuse.

The don’t know how to keep friends, because honestly who could stand the wind all day.

Love turned hate etc. He sat on dating app searching new guys and girls. Dating app was on his phone, and he used phone plan and internet connection I paid MONTHLY and other bills.

Literally when we were dating. He needed multiple supply.

I woke up from this manipulation and left 1,5 years ago.

Refuzion made a song which tells about my relationship by that time.

Honestly cut off the cord with them. There’s more in life than drama.

He said I should change, but he should did that. He left all therapies, because he was in victim mode. This therapist is bad, that made him almost end his life… or how he feeled. I didn’t pay enough after thousands, so I didn’t care… I mean paying thousands and I didn’t care?

At some months I didn’t have money to afford Deezer Premium, because he used my money, for which I worked and never seen any of it. If I didn’t buy he wanted, he didn’t want me. It was a game which you are as well playing. Cheating around friends and you know it, is actually…

Huge huge red flag. Run already, do not just walk.

Now without him I sleep with money, and my financial freedom is guaranteed.

I ended alone with no friends, but is totally worth it, as drama is behind. Just like you I couldn’t call him a friend or partner in the end. He was so cold and distant. Is like being invisible.

He kept me blocked on his phone, messanger apps, but when he needed money!

I was craving to talk and explain…

He did know who to contact and blocked again… until I blocked and his game didn’t work.

You can’t change people, but you can change people!

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Thanks for sharing @hpguru 

It's clear that you've come on top of that situation. Very brave and mature. Glad Deezer contributes to you being happy :muscle_tone2:

All the best,

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Thanks for sharing @hpguru 

It's clear that you've come on top of that situation. Very brave and mature. Glad Deezer contributes to you being happy :muscle_tone2:

All the best,

My first post got in moderation, perhaps you approved it?

Nevertheless I am living my best life right now.

I hope original postil will run as well and live his best life.

Is really amazing to feel free Deezer Premium in your pocket (and you have money for it).