What are your favourite games?

  • 18 March 2021
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I’m not a big gamer these days, but I used to be. And believe it or not, I still haven’t seen anything more involving and totally awesome than the venerable “Day of the Tentacle”.

Day of the Tentacle

What’s *your* all-time favourite on-screen game, whether on computer, console, web, tablet or phone?

5 replies

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Oh wow @Freezer 

This is a community-first too!

I have to say Zelda.

Big Nintendo fan here. Played Pokemon, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros. All RPG games.

But I'm also a fan of football, so I used to love playing FIFA/PES with friends. Multiplayer games are awesome, time just flies!

One of my other favourites was John Madden’s (American) Football on my son’s early Playstation (now renamed Madden NFL).

NFL is like chess on a big field. So complex and subtle, and the console game was magic. 

Still, that was then. Final Cut Pro is my current favourite “game”. The battle against bad pixels and camera shake is on!

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I played my share of Madden NFL as well, these EA games… huh! @Freezer 

Are you editing on Final Cut Pro? Simply the best video editing tool, ever :relaxed:

FCP is amazing. The Rev. and I switch around from week to week - one of us taking the service, the other preaching. During lockdown, we’ve been filming the proceedings on a mishmash of webcams, phones and a Mevo streaming cam. I then edit them on FCP, give the picture & sound a tweak or two, sometimes drop a couple of stills or Powerpoint slides onto the B reel, and upload the finished product to Youtube. 


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Wow, what a cool project! @Freezer a lot of tekkers, I can see!