The road to Tomorrowland 2021!

  • 18 March 2021
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While some big event planners are throwing in the towel, but there’s a spark of hope in Belgium, particularly in The Schorre in Boom where Tomorrowland takes place! 

Why? Tomorrowland announced their event to take place THIS YEAR! Just a bit later (August/September). Imagine having a big festival this summer???? :heart_eyes::hugging::dancer_tone2:

Fingers crossed and start adding playlists/albums like this one!


What are your must have tracks on a festival?

What genre are you into?

Will you be prepared for a festival season this year? :sunglasses: 

And what are your festivals to look out for? And which tickets do you already have?

2 replies

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My first hard dance party it was in 2016… I think?

TechboBase.FM 11 Jahre in Germany in January and Easter RAVE same year in same place.

In 2018 I visited Easter Rave again in Germany, near Oberhausen.

It was Hard style party with Da Tweekaz and other friends you must heard of.

I couldn’t stop drinking when Da Tweekaz played!

Some of my favourite anthems are from that time including:

I hope this helps.

I can’t even wait it myself when they finally open the gates so we can experience it again.

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Fingers crossed, guys @Martijn.Keymis @hpguru :fingers_crossed_tone2: