The art of making a play list is dead...

  • 20 February 2019
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As I enter year 2 or 3 of my Deezer membership I have a hard time finding good mixes/playlist.

I think that art of making a good mix is dead. Everyone just throws a bunch of obvious songs randomly into a play list.

The art is to make it flow... let one song lead into another... create tension and space and grooves. Have a reason for each song. Maybe the reason can be a related history or personnel.

If you're are going to have a play list move between Rap and RB or in between genres you have to have songs that help make the transition... going from Aretha Franklin to Beyonce doesn't work. use some transition pieces to connect the two periods and the artist.

Anyway its a lost art in my opinion.

Long live the mix tape.

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