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  • 12 December 2017
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We are calling all Louis Tomlinson’s fans today!
We are preparing something for his birthday next week.

Do you know anything interesting about his life, our video will be called “Things we didn’t know about Louis Tomlinson”.


69 replies

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He gets involved with as many charities as he can, he helped run a ball for Believe in Magic children, he has donated millions to charity. He has given gig tickets and hotel stays to terminally ill fans. He truly works hard to give back to others.
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we know he is an amazing human being, but it should be said again and again. please take note of the charity and good work he has done.


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his lyrics are words of encouragement and relatable stories that bring hope and inspiration.
He is talented,big hearted, amazing lyricist,musician,song writer,perfomer. Doing a lot of charity things to help other people with their fights against illness,always humble and friendly to his fans,communicating as friends with fans,making this world a better brighter happier place. Wish the world would give him all the kindness and love back. Happy birthday,king Louis Tomlinson!
He helps his fans every day to be whom they are and to be happy.
He's one of the most authentic artist I've seen in my life, his love for his family and fans is one of the most genuine and beautiful to see. He's very passionate about the music he's gonna pull out and always thinking how we can relate with it. A man with a heart of gold, always sweet and nice with everyone and very involved into charity.
He’s an actual King
His warm, humble, and kind self has truly saved people’s lives including mine. I have dealt with depression and self harm 3 years ago and Louis was my light at the end of the tunnel. Since having him in my life i have stopped harming, and am now a happy and free spirited girl. Xx
He fights every day to remain strong and teaches us to being too.
He helps many associations for the children and against the diseases.
he’s constantly supporting lgbt+ but no one but his fans talk about it. he even has a triangle tattooed on his ankle!!
he helped so many people, he always makes us feel safe. he’s a literal lifesaver 🙂
He calls his fans Legends. That's so sweet❤️
louis is such an amazing human being i could literally write a book about it. he deserves so much more recognition and appreciation being one of the most hard working, talented and bravest person he is.
He is such a strong a smart man. Not everyone knows what Louis tell us in his song's lyrics, Louis is so loud and his real fans understand and accept it. He helps many people and children, even we dont know about it. He's so private in this way, and we appreciate it. Louis is a hero.
He has done so much charties which are unknown to people. He is humble and kind who have saved so many lives . He is so brave which inspires me everyday. Louis is our hero.
He's the strongest ! He is going through so many shit but he keeps going on! Also this guy is very talented in things like singing, writting stuff, etc.
Most people don't know that he's supporting lgbt+ but he does!! With every smile he makes so many people happy out there!
His mum would be so proud to see him today like this!
The work he does for charity is incredible, we see such a small percentage of it: http://www.lthqofficial.com/charity/

He is so strong and his songwriting ability is without doubt the reason one direction was and is so successful.

I wish him the happiest of birthdays after a year that must have been so hard for him, I hope 2018 is the year when he finally gets to spread his wings and enjoy the success he deserves ◟̽◞̽
He's always helping others, and that should be talked about more.
He has been involved in a lot of charities like Believe in Magic or Eden Dora Trust, he's a patron in both.
He's a really humble, lovely and kind person, he's always showing fans how much he love us and how thankful he is of having our support, he treats us like family ❤️
He loves his dog Clifford and he is the nicest owner
He is the king of sarcasm
He is the best brother of the world and he treats his family in a lovely and wonderful way
He is always reminding his fans of how much he loves them and he has our back and we have his
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Louis Tomlinson is the strongest person I know. He's gone through something no person should ever this year, he lost his mom. It would be completely okay to break but he's managed that so well. He's here every day making us the happiest, he's making a career for himself and doing an amazing job of it.

Louis writes his lyrics himself and his own music is really important to him, he says he's a perfectionist and wants to deliver music he can be really proud of. Louis' lyrics are actually something that help a lot of us to get through some really hard stuff and for that I can never thank him enough. Louis' voice delivers emotion like no other.

Louis has created a unique relationship with his fans where we feel like we're friends who defend each other in everything. He constantly wants to thank us for being there for him and supporting him while we are the ones who owe our lives to him.

Like many others have already said Louis has done a lot of charity work for example in different events and charity football games. A lot of that goes unnoticed because Louis doesn't really want to make a fuzz about himself.

Louis is one of the most ground to earth people I know. Even tho he's lived as a public figure for over 7 years now, he still has his friends from home by his side everywhere he goes. He really relies on his loved ones and that's beautiful to see.

Louis is just the kindest, most loving person on earth. His heart is so good. In this world where media treats him so wrong spreading rumors everyday, not crediting him right and focusing on everything but his music, he still smiles through it all. I mean he knows how to defend himself but he still is here making us the happiest. He's shown me what it feels like to support an artist and a person with an insane passion. He's given me a home and a place where I feel like I belong.

He thanks us constantly for being here for him and supporting him while we are the ones who really owe our lives to him. We call him a king for a reason.
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Some facts about Louis:

He wrote over 100 songs for his upcoming album, and actually wrote the bulk of One Direction tunes too (37)!

Louis has a real large family, he has six younger siblings.

When Louis suffers from bad press days, he tries to do something positive instead by making someone else happy. [He used to tell his mum 'come on mum, let's make someone happy today' as quoted by Sarah Hext] See: http://www.capitalfm.com/artists/one-direction/louis-tomlinson/news/charity-work/

In 2015, Louis organised and hosted a Princess Ball for the charity Believe in Magic, paid for everything (including custom-made outfits for all attending children, location etc) and donated over 2 million pounds to the charity himself. [Read more here: http://www.mtv.com/news/2237166/louis-tomlinson-charity-ball/ & here: http://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/louis-tomlinson-donates-2m-childrens-6231159]

He plays the piano and can play the guitar!

His fans call themselves Louies, Louis calls them Legends.

Louis has a smiley face tattooed on his thigh.
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he is made of stardust.
He dyed his hair red for charity on red nose day a few years back. He calls his fans legends and he has an amazing relationship with them
He does endless charity work, making such a difference to so many people's lives and benefitting so many it's inspiring.
He has so much love for his family, his friends, and his fans.
He's open and honest with his Louies and makes us feel like he's a friend even if we have none in our personal lives.
He inspires so many people with his strength and his wit.
He's the main reason I'm still alive.
Él es el único que puede decirnos little shit sin ser realmente un insulto hasta se siente como un lindo apodo.
Nos quiere y defiende tanto como nosotros a él.
Ama el bardo 😂
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He is the King of Lyrics.