• 1 June 2023
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It’s June 🌸

Happy Pride Month Community!

❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤


We celebrate Queer music all year long in our Queer Culture Channel where you can find music sang, produced and made by Queer Icons of the old guard and the new one, make sure you check it our 🌈HERE🌈

During the whole month of June our Flow Wheel gets an extra mood! 











We had to start the month in the most fun way possible… with a game! 🌈🎮🕵🏽‍♂️


Find the Deezer equalizer  in the image below and win a surprise



If you find it write in a comment below the name of your personal favourite QUEER ICON! 🏆🎉

I will DM you to verify if you found the equalizer and the names of the winners will go through a virtual lottery!



6 replies

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My Queer Icon is Lady Gaga !


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To all people, I love you all, I don't care about your way of life. Be gay, be pansextual, be fluid, be A-sexual. I don't care. We are all humans!


Happy pride day! 💜

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I was have no idea that is Lady Gaga is Queer Icon !

I was research and found that is Queer Icons in music are : Elton John ,Mariah Carey ,Madonna ,Olly Alexander from Years & Years , Freddie Mercury ,Miley Cyrus ,Prince , Charli XCX ,Sam Smith ,David Bowie ,Melissa Etheridge , Brandi Carlile  ,Cher ,Laura Pergolizzi , Boy George ,George Michael and others .
So if someone want join the game can comment below and tell who is name of your personal favourite QUEER ICON! 
Also don't forget find the Deezer equalizer in the image which was Yula put above in start of thread .You can win a surprise !!! 🎁


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I found the Deezer Equalizer image. (easy peasy...)

I don't have any artists that I find great just because of queerness. I'm mainly interested in the music. How someone lives and who someone loves doesn't really matter to me.

My husband feels the same way.  🏳️‍🌈

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Just want to explain ;
 A Queer Icon is any public figure or star who openly and publicly supports the issues of the Gay and LGBTQ community and gives it unreserved support.