• 10 September 2020
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On this day is in 1991, Nirvana release the track “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.


That changes in the fall of 1991. Nirvana appears as if out of nowhere, knocking the music world flat on its ass with the undefinable sound of their first single, "Smells Like Teen Spirit." It isn't straight hard rock, it isn't quite punk, it certainly isn't metal; the only label we can think to put on it is Grunge, slid into the broader "alternative" category that up until then had been occupied by the likes of The Cure, R.E.M., and The Smiths. 

Lead singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain is the antithesis of the pop star image, with his thrift store layers and bad haircut, not so much singing as groaning and screaming the nearly-unintelligible lyrics that somehow make sense to a generation bored to death with all things smooth and polished. Alternative is nothing new, but his alternative is viable, and the release of "Teen Spirit" opens the door for a music revolution.








1 reply

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Love this song! It's still so fresh in my memory!