New Music Discoveries of 2019!

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Hello everyone!

New Year, New Music! To follow up from last year's post, let's take advantage of this thread to share the new songs/albums/artists we are discovering this year.

While this song was technically released in November 2018, Ashley Tisdale is going to release her album Symptoms sometimes this year and I have to admit I've been obsessed with Voices in My Head ever since it became available 😇.

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NEW for 2019! Check out the new album "Platform" by Summer Tryouts.

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Thanks @summertryouts for the suggestion 👍
JFK spits it how he lives it on "Pull Up" his brand new single presented by FPC 5150 Entertainment. Born in Brooklyn and rise in Miami , JFK has elements of traditional hip-hop in his charisma but for the most part his style is modernized and geared toward the new generation from a sonic perspective. The melodic flow and bouncy cadences are a nice compliment to this smooth instrumental and make for an easy listen, a sound that you can just cut up to. Currently based in Miami, JFK has clearly been living it up and you can hear it in the lavish imagery in his lyrics. JFK has been on fire in 2018 and his EP CUM PARTY WITH US is a special body of work that really displays his versatility as an all around artist
Hi I would like to recommend a new song that came out on 30th Dec 2018 just before 2019. It's by BTS and the song is called 'Promise' and it is sung by one of their members called Jimin. It's been streaming so much on SoundCloud and even broke Drake's record by 3.6 million. It's brand new and very popular and I would really love to hear it here!!