My highlights of the Billboard Awards 2019

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Not sure if anyone else was awake until late last night to watch the Billboard Awards, but here are my highlights of the night!

Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie kicked off as the first performance of the night with the song ME!. Both of them are great at kicking:

I had high expectations on Madonna's 5 million dollars performance and I was so excited to see her on stage singing Medellín! Actually, I was excited seeing all four of her on stage.

Halsey's performance was really well rehearsed.

We can't live without you!

Kelly Clarkson did a killing job by presenting the ceremony!

I'm a sucker for Jonas Brother's performance of Sucker.

Mariah Carey received the Billboard Icon Award of the year. Honestly, is there anyone who can throw litter on stage and still be so iconic?

Pink entered the stage wearing a robe. Honestly, is there anyone who can wear a robe on the stage and still be so iconic?

A couple awards is not enough for Card B who received 21 nominations this year!
How do you feel, hun?

Drake broke record for numbers of awards and the audience went mad!

Just kidding, this was the real vibe of the night:

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Really cool summary @Rafael.

And that Madonna performance...what else are we going to see?
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apparently she will sing again at Eurovision! Can't wait!