Music Roulette with Alexa

  • 16 August 2021
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So, I listen to most of my music on my Amazon Echo Studios, and mostly by means of voice control. Like most of us, I usually ask for a specific genre, artist, or playlist.

I asked myself what would happen if I simply asked Alexa to “Play music.” I then further wondered how the outcome might differ among my streaming services.

Here’s what happened when I asked each of my services to simply play music.

Apple Music: “Sinner’s Swing!” by Van Halen

deezer: “Prison Break Anthem (Ich glaub an dich)” by Azad feat. Adel Tawil

Spotify: “You Don’t Know Me” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

Amazon Music: “All Night Long (All Night) by Lionel Richie

Tidal: “Toa la Noche” by CNCO


Post a comment if you feel like repeating the experiment, even if it’s just with deezer!



2 replies

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As I have an accent, Alexa never understands me. If I say beyonce, they want to call the police.

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and this is why I set up routines with Alexa. I listen to a lot of Latin music and Deutschrap, and she never understands anything.

I will be doing another Alexa experiment soon and I will post here. Feel free to post your own.