Madonna's new single release, 'I Rise'

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Following her lavish and singular performance in the Billboard Awards 2019, Madge has just released her new single, 'I Rise' 👏🏼

I'm a fan and have listened to the track, it's quite introspective and somehow empowering. No wonder why she has claimed the record is a tribute to the beginning of her career, when she couldn't give a penny about people's opinions and was named Madame X - I think the lack of social media helped though.

Or maybe she's been feeling quite nostalgic after spending a decent long term holiday in the beautiful Portuguese capital 😜

Either way, I'm looking forward to the next releases, madam...🐎
...especially her announced partnership with Latin America Superstar Anitta, for a remake of a popular single by artist Blaya - 'Faz Gostoso'

Stay tuned!

*another version of 'I Rise'

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