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  • 11 March 2021
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Lets chat here! Maybe put links to other questions here! Ask questions here! Answer questions here! Its here, right here.

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How do you track your budget?

I was using too much on sushi, Prisma store and believe me I was still better doing with money than many others. I chatted with my bank teller about my finances and she recommended me Toshl Finance app. I registered at first January. Everything, even eating sushi, has now budget. I need budget she said because she realised my income will drop big time -- with Toshl Finance regardless I am able to make my Net Worth bigger. It feels amazing to be all life debt free as I save everywhere.

One day one man said to me are you weird?

He asked to eat sushi out, but I said that’s not in my budget. He never asked me again.

He feeled like I am poor.

And I am poor, but this is how my Net Worth keeps growing.

I don’t spend anymore like money is growing trees. I save every penny: my Deezer is at discounted price, I use my Free 10 Mb internet home, because I can get 50 Mb for €5, but I need only 10 Mb.

Seller tried to talk me back for 50 Mb, and I said him not in my budget.

He didn’t try for long as he stopped the call. My budget was perhaps enough.

And oh boy, did I save money. I didn’t buy his offer.

My current budgets for example food 120 € a month. I’ve been under it few months now.

I probably lower it one day to 110 € and save €10 a month.

I really really recommend Toshl Finance for your financial freedom.

Try to live this way: I promise you’ll forget about your payday as there is always money.

Thank you.