Is 1991 the greatest year in music?

  • 16 September 2021
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Today it's the 30th anniversary of Use Your Illusion I and Use your Illusion II, my favorite Guns N' Roses albums! To prove that 1991 is the greatest year in music, I selected the top rock albums that shook things up and made the year revolutionary! 


1 - Mariah Carey had 3 songs in the global charts when all of sudden… BAM! Nirvana arrived with Nevermind and changed the music industry! Now it's the new age of rock! 🤘🏼




2 - More Than Words by Extreme was very popular in 1991, but we needed more than that! R.E.M released Out of Time with Losing My Religion as the first single -  just on time to top the album sales charts for 183 weeks! 🤘🏼


"La di da, da di da, di dai dai da, more than words"


3 - Madonna was so pretty singing Justify My Love, but Hole was Pretty On The Inside at the same time! Also, 1991 is the year that brought Courtney Love to fame! 🤘🏼


"Justify my 'Courtney' Love"


4 - Colour Me Badd reached number 2 in the global charts with I Wanna Sex You Up, but the world needed a bit more magic. Maybe a bit more blood too. Red Hot Chilli Peppers also reached number 2 in the charts during the same year with Blood Sugar Sex Magik. 🤘🏼


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5 - Bryan Adams was everywhere singing the power ballad Everything I Do I Do It For You. Now, "look into your heart" and say "Hey Stoopid"!

Sorry, it's not what I meant! I just wanted to say that Alice Cooper released Hey Stoopid in the same year! 🤘🏼




Now, all that is left is to add some classic bands to this list: Pearl Jam's Ten, Soundgarden's Superunknown, Alice in Chains' Dirt and Stone Temple Pilots' Core! These bands are the pioneers of grunge and brought the movement to the rest of the world. Check out our playlist Grunge Essentials to discover many more artists who made history in the early 90s.


What's your favorite early 90s rock band, album or song?



8 replies

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I'm very fond of the early '90s, from my favorite 1991 album by Seal, his first solo album.



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And I was obssessed with No Doubt in 95!


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Back when I was young, I heard Sinead O Connor's song ‘Nothing Compares 2 You’ almost in a loop.

The song, the voice, absolutely brilliant. :heart_eyes:


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This is from 1990

but anyway (it’s close enough)


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Searching or sorting the catalogue of a streaming site by release date (original or re-release) or only the user library on that streaming site seems to be one of the most difficult tasks for developers, not only on Deezer. :wink:

Getting release dates right: a product perspective on building trust | by Lucie Haddad | Aug, 2021 | Deezer I/O

There are some related ideas on this forum, e.g.

Sort/Order by Release Date | Deezer Community, bringing music lovers together

Albums sorting by year | Deezer Community, bringing music lovers together

Usual suspects for a searchable original release date in music databases would be MusicBrainz or Discogs.

1991 was also the year that ‘The Show must go on’ by Queen was released. This was always one of my favourites out of so many the band released, especially when you listen to the words knowing Freddie Mercury died later that year. Even after all this time Queen’s music never sounds dated and it just seems to live on, especially when Adam Lambert fronted the band. 

90s music, especially in the metal/goth scene. I'm constantly playing 90s music, particularly Korn, Deftones and Slipknot. I'm also very into Nirvana. I grew up in the 90s and will always be my favourite decade. Also let's not forget 90s fashion - I miss my jnco jeans!!

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1991 was the year that My Bloody Valentine released the Epic Loveless, which almost bankrupted Creation records and which quickly became my fab band and record of all times (alongside the master piece of The Cure’s Disintegration from 1989)

1991 was the year that Ride released Nowhere that sat the bar for all future music released in the genre.

1991 was the year that Smashing Pumpkins released Gish and the road was paved for great things to come from SP

1991 was the year that U2 released Achtung Baby, the pinnacle of U2’s carer (that just went downwards from there on, in my opinion, others will disagree which is just fine)

That’s all that needs to be said about 1991 :metal:


Sad to say, again - my own opinion - but these days Autotune, commercial and Studio productions set the agenda and it’s more or less poor quality music hitting the radio waves...