Hi! I'm Niels, Data Storyteller at Deezer :-)

  • 6 August 2019
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Hi everyone! My name is Niels and I’m a Data Storyteller at Deezer! Nice to meet you all!

I work inside the Data Science team alongside both data analysts and data scientists at Deezer headquarters in Paris. Although our main focus is to work on the churn rate (people that unfortunately decides to unsubscribe from their Deezer premium offer), I’m in charge of the Story Telling, meaning that my everyday job consists on coming up with different articles/projects that will bring interesting facts about our data. The perfect example to illustrate my job is my work on “Women & Hip-Hop”, the last article I published on deezer.io, our tech blog.

I’m a huge hip-hop fan! In 2016, me and my friends launched intrld.com, a french website where I do bunch of interviews. I’ve noticed that more and more women are starting to gain interested for rap music and that even more female rappers were starting to get more popular this past year. I had the opportunity to write about it and present it to my team my idea and check on the Deezer streaming database if my intuition was correct. This is how “Women & Hip-Hop” was created.

Have a read on my article here and listen to the playlist that I created inspired by the article :)

Any question you may have, please ask me!

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Hi Niels .
Nice meeting you !