♫ Help our editors put together the TBT Playlist for this week - Covers

  • 14 November 2017
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Hi guys!
We want you to suggest us some songs for our TBT playlist. (Throwback Thursday Playlist)
We will be sharing these songs with our editor and you might receive a surprise this Thursday with your song featured in this Playlist!


- Recent and old songs covered
- Famous songs covered in any way, from movies or albums or live shows etc... :)

You can Listen to the playlist here HERE

9 replies

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Running up that hill (originally kate bush) - Placebo cover
Where is my mind (pixies) - Placebo cover
Papa was a rollin stone/killer - george michael
Lola - robbie williams
Live & let die (guns & roses)
I will always love you (dolly parton) - whitney houston

I'll think of some more as the day goes on! 🙂
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it's my life (talk talk) - no doubt
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firestarter (prodigy) - jimmy eat world
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baby one more time (britney) - Travis
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Sofia Karlberg - Crazy In Love (Beyonce cover) 🙂
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Love Song cover by 311

Original song: Lovesong by The Cure😍
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Hey @Mafe great list (I'm listening now). I see a couple of mine in there whoop! 🙂
Any prizes... (you know a months free family subscription etc... ) 🙂 (yes I'm cheeky but you don't ask you don't get) 🙂


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Thank you for sharing your work @Izabela Budnik we'll pass it on :wink: