Help for recognising tracks (Write here for help)

  • 19 September 2020
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Sometimes you know the lyrics, but don’t know the track… or can’t remember.

Ask help here, maybe someone will help.

I start.

Today on Deezer Daily they offered me a nightcore version.

I wonder which is original version? Tags are simply Nightcore only.

No clue of originals. Any help is appreciated.

Probably it is dancecore or hands up track, let me know.


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5 replies

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I found it myself. I searched all over the internet and found it.

It’s on Deezer as Well. Enjoy!!!

Sometimes you help yourself…

I almost tried to add it to my dance core playlist twice, it told it was already here, but I added just right now! Maybe I literally tried to add it twice today. And hopefully twice tomorrow.

I live for this music. This music is my life.

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Hahaha glad you managed to find it @hpguru :grin: Were you able to check if it was really already in the playlist?

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Hahaha glad you managed to find it @hpguru :grin: Were you able to check if it was really already in the playlist?

No. On Daily playlist it was this Nightcore version. I don’t usually listen nightcores, but when I do, I want to add to playlist original one — only if I like it Nightcored first. I would ask Deezer to prefer non-nightcores on the FLOW and daily lists. Would make music searching much easier for people.

I was able to find it out because of my strong hard dance music knowledge. I did notice the track name, and knew one track in genre Dancecore with the same name, it was from great East Raverz. Few remixes on that were astonishing, but it didn’t match the beat. I kept searching.

Found on the other site different version and here it was. Release from Tronix DJ.

Arctic Stars Remix did a match and I screamed bingo.

Obviously much of other remixes on that thing were good too.

The bad thing is, with my enormous sound liking, all these different artists and mixes, for same lyrics in hard dance genre is taking space on my likes. Currently 1209 liked tracks.

I wait the limit of 2000 to increase before I can no more like what I like.

Perhaps it should be noted at Deezer, since music lovers can like many songs a day.

Nothing new: one release of a song comes with 10 DJ’s remixing it. If tracks are all somehow decent, I can like all 10 of them. That is 10 tracks in one hour as I listen gorgeously made collection.

Which brings me again to this: can’t wait for no limit on Deezer in likes.

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I love the idea behind this thread @hpguru 

I've pushed this into our homepage, hopefully it gets a lot of views :clap_tone2:

When I get a song in my head, I'll bring it here - the other day you already helped me with Dragostea Din Tei :wink:

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Which track plays at 46:40 here?

Please could you help me with the ID of a track.
It has a male voice sample which sounds like either "Let the beat commence" or “Let the beat come in." It also has a male voice sample "Do you like that?" It's in a techno style 1990-91.

I can’t wait to add it to my playlist.

Nevermind Deezer songcatcher found it in my bedroom :D

I’ll leave for a long walk with these tunes...