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I hope this is the right place. I've been trying to wrap my head around how this community works and its nothing like any traditional Forums i have ever been part of.

I'm here after a fun convo with the Deezer support team on Twitter @DeezerHelp I'm under Oath to keep the nature of the convo private haha so i'll just say they have been very generous and kind, I just wish their Calendar worked in years not in months lol.

I will have to find a way now to post my playlist. I've been hard at work creating one with a friend of mine, i'd be happy if there's a way to share all of it on here.

Thanks for reading! If this thread is inferior to the nature of this community please feel free to remove it, i tried to find one introduction thread and failed haha so i must be out of my mind starting this one.

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Hey Nick, welcome! Hope you have fun around here but now I'm curious about how that twitter convo went 😛
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Hi @NickParkerMusic

Welcome to the forum!!

Here is the right place to share all the music you love! feel free to create a new post or comment in existing ones sharing the playlist you like or you have created!

I would love to see what music do you like!