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  • 11 October 2020
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Ziggy & the Noize conceptual image art

Global Electronic Music 


Two years ago I get started to compose and produce my own music like “Ziggy & the Noize”. Then I uploaded my firsts tracks to public websites to release them, and the answer was immediately positive by the distributor companies and web stores. But the support and opportunities to reach more followers and earn more money are so few. The art cannot be a business transaction, even if the music today is a corporative mainstream monster. The genres, subgenres, categories, trendings, tags, playlists, hits, the most, the best, groups, dj’s, bands, toplists… only in electronic music are an infinite source of names that one day will be lost in time, decades and it’s own old fashion style. Cause always there are more substitutes with new words and new representives in the market sales. 

Many musicians like me, DJ’s, bands, solo projects, and music producers we're out of business, and off the mainline, the competition is strong and is not equal to all. Many like me, just simple and honest workers, with honest art with artistic names make sincerely art music release we need you support to continue with our talent, habilities and working so hard to bring you more quality indeead in our music and videos and post, publicity and fight to hell to bring you the best of electronica music.

Ziggy & the Noize


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I’ve been advocating for less known artist promotion on Deezer for months.

Perhaps you want to share?

Thank you so much for making electronic & dance music!