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I noticed that there's no "remove" button on the desktop, there are songs that I don't want to be in the Flow

Is this normal?

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Hi @katys90 please read above about Flow. There is no remove button, but a dislike button in the player 😉

People have mentioned this already, but there doesn't seem to be a solution.

When using Flow, the music is randomized but a large number of songs are played over and over from one day to the next. Ie they arent in the same order, but listen one day to the next, the group of songs are very similar.

Dont get me wrong, it is songs I like and are in my favorites (over 500 hundred of them), but when you hear the same 20 or 30 songs every day, I'm starting to get fed up with them. I dont want to use the 'dislike' button as they are good songs, I just want to hear them less frequently.

Does anyone have a solution to this?
I have set up deezer on my amazon echo and it plays more or less the same songs everyday. And I have so many albums and artists in my playlists .... Anyone having the same issue on amazon echo?
Flow worked perfectly in the beggining, discovered so many artists who really suits me. But now it's hard to find something likeable, pressed X a 2000 times to get rid of some genres and now it's really a problem to use this service because X'd tracks appear again. It really pisses me off when songs like this appear because I don't have a single one in this genre with more than 1 listen.

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Hi there, sorry about that. Have you checked if the same is happening on other devices?
I have the same problem - I have 1000's of songs liked and downloaded on my deezer account which I've had for years and it just plays the same 40 ish songs - on my echp and my phone and laptop.
I'd love it to play some random songs!
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hi @gail.hooper.9 while we are happy to pass on your feedback please see above how Flow works and how to improve it 😉
Do skips still affect flow? If so, in what way?
I'm relatively new to Deezer, I'm about 45 days in. So far I love a lot of things about it, however I'm not too impressed with the Flow. I listen to a variety of music, and yet it always seems to focus on things I've skipped repeatedly. If I ban 8 Staind or Greta Van Fleet songs, why do I have to ban a 9th? Why can't I ban songs from my daily Playlists? Why do my daily Playlists have repeat songs on it? And why can't I ban artists in general? I've liked over 350 songs so far, yet once I hear them it's like the travel to Siberia never to be heard from again?
I should not have 3 Playlists made that are basically the same songs or style of music, it's not like I only listen to few artists. I shouldn't have to skip half of the Playlist because it's songs I've skipped or banned. This service is a charged service, people should be able to enjoy it.
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Hi @xTRLRx please have a read through how our Flow works above. There is currently a problem on Flow for some individual users that songs that have been banned are being played. However, we are working on it and always improving Flow. There is also a feature in the works to block entire artists 😉
I am new. It supposed that Flow make a playlist based on your music, favorites, etc. It doesn't work any way. E.g: My favorites are Rock, Genesis, this way....It suggest me "music inspired by..." and the result is Fat Boy Slim, Britney Spears.....Nothing far enough....Absolutely no way at all...

Is it possible the algoritms works bad for my Moto Z2 Play??. Cannot find explanation by myself.
You also need to listen to more music in Flow. After 3-4 days, recommendations will improve.
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Hi @Javier.Finkelstein please see above how Flow works 😉
How do I remove or block certain songs from “Inspired by” or “Flow”?
I once listened to and saved a song but it was a genre I don’t usually like and now it keeps recommending that type of songs which I DO NOT WANT TO LISTEN (for example as if you listen to only classical music and it keeps recommending metal or trap)...
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Hi @barbara zoric there is no way to block a single song other than disliking it whenever it comes up in Flow. Please see above of how Flow works and how to improve it 😉