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  • 24 October 2017
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Flow is your personal soundtrack. It’s all your music, mixed with old favorites and new recommendations picked just for you, in one infinite stream. All you have to do is press the button.

Tell Flow what you like with the heart button that you see on every track, album, artist and playlist. Then Flow uses that information to create an endless stream of music you’ll love. Personalized recommendations mix with your favorite tracks so you can just press the button and listen to your music. Flow gets better the more you listen, so just keeping tapping.

What if Flow plays something you don’t like?

Just tap the strikethrough-heart, or cross button and that song will not be replayed for the next 24 hours. If you press “dislike” for a song or artist three times, Flow will not play it again.
Just so you know - if you’re using Deezer Free, the strikethrough heart /cross button counts as a skip.

A few FAQs

Flow keeps playing the same songs over and over

If your Flow still plays the same selection of songs, try adding more songs/artists to your favorites.
If that doesn’t work, try deleting your cache.

You're a Deezer Family subscriber, can other profiles mess with Flow?

Nope - every family profile has a separate, independent Flow.
Just remember to always check that you are connected to your own profile before playing music to avoid influencing your family member’s Flow.

Can you restart your Flow?

Afraid not. But you can manipulate it over time. It will learn.

♫ What is your best discovery from Flow?

92 replies

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Does adding artists to facvorite artists affect Flow?
Is is faster than adding favorite songs..
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I don't think it has any affect on FLOW . Mark artists as favorites suppose to give you a notification when the artist is releasing something new .
HI. I have a Premium account. When I play the flow, even if click the "dislike" button, the music eventually comes back after two-three songs. That is really annoying. How can you change that ?Thanks.
How is flow worked out and who chooses the music?
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Hi @James.Spence , you can get some more info here 😉
How is flow made up and the music chosen?
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FLOW learn your listening habits and suggest music based on it . Basically FLOW plays your favorite songs ( Marked as favorite by you ) and also suppose to suggest new music ( But to be honest the suggestion is almost not there . Most of the times you will hear songs you already know ) .

You can find more info below :

Flow problem.
How many times I got to press the "Do Not Suggest" button to stop Deezer suggesting me music I don't like?
I like your recommendations, yes. And I don't like when it doesn't work. Really?
The fact that i'm from Russia doesn't mean like anything! I don't like Russian music, especially Russian rap music. I would say that I even hate it! What am I supposed to do to stop listening to this "music"? Move to another country?
So, the thing is. Recently it began to suggest more of that stuff. And I'm about to choose another music streaming service if it will not stop.

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Hi @bckr75 , please see our Flow FAQ above 😉
Can I exclude all artist's songs from flow?
And why do excluded songs return back after restart?
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Hi @WidWing, I have moved your comment to this post, please see our Flow FAQ above
the same tracks and songs dont wanna here it when I press X (dont show this track) but it shows again and again
Over the last couple years I have been using deezer almost daily to listen to my favorite titles. By now you have so much data on my listening habits that you should be able to recommend new songs suited to my tastes.
Yet the only stuff appearing on the home page are those horrendous French songs. I have never listened to any French song on deezer. Not once.

Deezer really needs to work on their suggestion algorithm, your competitors have done it, some have mastered good suggestion years ago.
Relying on such black and white things as IP or sign up country simply does not cut it in 2018. Or at least, if you guys think you know better than the user what they want, provide an option to avoir certain languages.

I would love the idea that maybe you guys could do so.

The thing is what going on my nervs is,

If you listen To Flow, and mark a song with x which means you dont like it.

You have to listen to the song up to 3 times and this could be very difficult if you listen to the same songs over and over again.

Could you do an Option which you can choose that you only have to Press one time the X and then you never need to listen to this song anymore.


How is determined what songs are bieng played when listening to flow? It’s kind of to mixed up . I get songs that i never heard before and i get idea that somebody and that’s not me really loves romantic love songs 😂
i love summer
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Hi @safet.habibovic.7

I recommend you to check this post about how to improve your flow!

I will, thank you for your help Mafe 🙂
Flow function is boring because Deezer force us to hear the same music that i already have in my phone. I want a Flow service to listen only things that are not in my phone. Can you please enable that option?
I've grown dissatisfied with the flow feature in recent days. I noticed that it mostly shows me same songs time and time again. Of course it incerts quite a few of the tracks I liked, but even the tracks not in my playlist are being repeated. I want to be introduced to some new music, not listen to the same shallow pool of songs over and over again. Is there any way I can communicate this to the algorithm?
I also notice, that it takes into account primarily my more mainstream preferences and shows me the songs I might like based on them, while totally ignoring all the more rare preferences I have. For example, I enjoy metal, darkwave and indie folk. I get a lot of metal and folk in my flow as a result, because these are more popular genres, but as for dark wave, I get nothing outside of the tracks/artists I already liked. This is frustrating since I enjoy darkwave way more than I enjoy say classic metal, but I still get lots of classic metal and zero dark wave. Is there anything I can do about it apart from disliking all the metal?
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@ashioji I moved your comment to this existing article. It is possible that because dark wave is not as popular as others, Flow doesn't have as much data to select from. I'm happy to pass this on as feedback.

Furthermore have you tried to add even more smaller dark wave artists to your favourites to see if that changes anything?
I have some downloads that I don't want on my Flow . is it possible?
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Hi there, it's not possible to ban certain tracks for your Flow, as it always plays a random amount of tracks from your favourites + new discoveries. If you don't want that song to appear in Flow, you would need to remove it from your library. But I'm sure there are already some ideas regarding Flow in our ideas forum. Maybe check that one out and vote for the ideas you like most 🙂
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I sometimes listen to a few artists in languages other than my usual English, e.g. Dutch or German, and now Deezer thinks I love every Dutch or German song. No, I don't! In fact, I quite dislike many songs in other languages, pretty much all of which are now being suggested by Deezer.

Deezer should learn that if I listen to a Dutch song or artist, it does not mean I like every Dutch song out there. Most of those songs are horrible.
Learn that other languages have genres too, and if that doesn't work, try and find someone with similar tastes (and especially: dislikes), and use that as a starting point on non-English songs.

Actually, learn that people tend to like a small number of artists/songs that don't match the rest of their tastes. Recognise that pattern and understand that that person would not want suggestions based on those exceptions.
I want to stop getting recommendations for songs in other languages. Flow has recommended French and Latino songs for ages now and I don’t want to hear it anymore.