Family Playlist Game: can you guess the song owner!?

  • 18 March 2021
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Recently I’m the proud owner of a (hifi) family membership! 

When you thought you’ve discovered everything about Deezer?…..  Wait! There’s more!

When you scroll down the homepage you’ll find… The Family Mix!

I find this a very interesting one! Suddenly you get a small collection of your family members favorites.


Suddenly I got an idea :smirk: …… Let’s make a game of it!

Try this one when you’re bored… OR temporarily done with your own music… OR in the mood for new (maybe) unknown stuff!


When you have multiple family members (or friends) with different tastes of music, it’s sometimes enlightening to hear new genres and music. But can you guess which family member owns the favorite song?? :thinking::yum:

Just open the family mix, shuffle up, and make a guess! Try this maybe together with your family account members :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:  maybe they’re in for it too! 


What do you guys think about this idea? Maybe you have some other cool alternatives to use your playlists? Let me hear it! I’m actually very curious to hear some ideas for clearing your mind or escape boredom haha!

2 replies

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Haha, when I heard Hardstyle on Family Mix, it’s probably you or me :D

I will get Family plan Premium at the later this year, I will be certainly the one hard head on that mix.

My brothers seems to listen hard dance currently too.

Hopefully soon on Deezer ;)

@Martijn.Keymis: Interesting piece of information and could be a fun holiday game :-)

I’ve worked hard to convince my family of the benefits of Deezer, but most of them are Apple fanboys and girls (apart from the one with the best musical taste, who is on Spotty Fly).

I’ve demonstrated Deezer… they’re impressed by the HiFi sound quality… but no way are they changing.