Eurovision: what's your predictions?

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The Eurovision Song Contest finishes tomorrow, what are your thoughts so far regarding the different contestants?

Here are the 6 artists we think have their chance tomorrow for the big finale:
Kobi Marimi - "Home" (Israel)
Bilal Hassani - "Roi" (France)
S!sters - "Sister" (Germany)
Mahmood - "Soldi" (Italy)
Miki - "La Venda" (Spain)
Michael Rice - "Bigger than Us" (United Kingdom)

Which one is your favorite? Who will win tomorrow? Do you have another favorite who's not in this list? Tell us everything in the comments below!

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Business as usual for Germany: 0 points from the viewers, at least 32 points from jurors, #24 of 26 countries. 🍻 I didn't watch it anyhow, but just read a funny article online of a German newspaper which chose the headline "This ESC has destroyed Madonna's career". It also mentioned the singer from the Netherlands as the long expected winner. 😉

In football Germany would at least have reached the relegation match. ⚽ I also wonder if England can participate after the Brexit? On the other hand there are many countries which are not part of the EU and/or EBU anyhow.
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@bluezzbastardzz to be perfectly honest, I've never understood either how the selection was handled.... Perhaps Eurovision is now European only by name? 🤔😁
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I stopped watching the festival after Portugal won in 2017 😅 I knew after that we wouldn't win again for at least 50 years so it had stopped being fun! 😝

Seen the UK lad though, as his performance wasn't that bad...
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@Rudi I've always had a hard time with shows like the Eurovision... I just don't really get the point of them 😇