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  • 21 June 2019
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On this beautiful Friday, we are getting you ready for the weekend with a selection of new/upcoming artists to discover, kindly compiled by Diego Burgos, our Andean Region Editor!

Artist: Jona Camacho
Country: Colombia
Main Genre: Pop / Soul
Recommended: Plástico EP

Born in Ibagué, Colombia, Jona Camacho improved his impressive vocal abilities since he was a teenager by studying classical music and percussion. He later experimented into orchestration and taught himself how to play a variety of instruments, including drums, guitar, piano, banjo, and the accordion among others.

“Caramelo,” his latest single, follows in the footsteps of Camacho’s previous release “Está Bn,” both of which are included in ‘Plástico’ the third EP from the artist. This track features the singer’s seductive vocals and R&B melodies combined with fascinating electronic sounds that elevate the song to new heights. Camacho will also make his US performance debut in the city of Los Angeles at the monthly LatinX series Chido/Chevere/Cool on June 22 at the Hi Hat in Highland Park.

Artist: Mariah
Country: Puerto Rico
Main Genre: Urban
Recommended: Track Perreito

In the era of Reggaeton, finding a young talented artist who is able to bring fresh Urban music to the table and at the same time finding her way among the big names is a real challenge. Mariah has all the potential to make this happen.

From the beginning, Reggaeton has been a genre dominated by men and their macho stories. The newcomer Mariah, a Cuban-Puerto Rican artist from Miami, is part of a group of women who want to change this, championed by the pioneer Ivy Queen, who aim to open a space in the busy urban music industry. In just one year, the 19-year-old girl has gotten the public's attention with female hymns like "Blah" of 2018 and her most recent single "Perreito".

Mariah was discovered at age 16 by the important producer, Nely "El Arma Secreta" and is already making its mark on the urban scene.

Artist: Fer Casillas
Country: Mexico
Main Genre: Pop / Soul
Recommended: Album Imágenes de Olga

Fer Casillas is a singer-songwriter who was born in Monterrey and is currently living in Mexico City. In her music she combines synth pop with neo-soul, jazz and R&B.

After releasing her first EP “Strangers” in 2017, Fer Casillas achieved a great reception among fans and made her way into the Mexican music scene.
During 2018, the singer-songwriter released her EP “Imágenes de Olga (Lado A)”, which featured collaborations with Juan Pablo Vega and Jeremy Bosch; she also released 3 singles of her current album “Imágenes de Olga” that includes her single “Más” with Colombian musician, Jona Camacho.

She is an artist in all the senses of the word. Other than being a singer-songwriter, Fer works as photographer, video producer and interior designer. Her unique way of conceiving the world is perceptible in all of her work which is permeated by all of her artistic influences. Work that has been permeated by different artistic movements.

Artist: Quantic
Country: UK - Colombia
Main Genre: Electronic
Recommended: Album Atlantic Oscillations

William Holland is an English musician, DJ and record producer. He is based in New York City, after spending seven years in Colombia. His music features elements of cumbia, salsa, bossa nova, soul, funk and jazz. Holland plays guitar, bass, double bass, piano, organ, saxophone, accordion and percussion. Much of his sound is original composition, rather than sampling of other artists' material.

Jazz sensibility with future dance floor orientated grooves, deep funk, tough drums and tropical rhythms. Will Holland is one of the most talented and prolific artists in the world of alternative dance music today. Holland also has his own label, Magnetic Fields, on which he releases heavy soul and funk. He has also produced remixes of over 30 songs.

Artist: Alto Volumen
Country: Colombia
Main Genre: Hip-Hop / Funk
Recommended: Track Escritos en Tinta Blanca

Alto Volumen is a Hip-Funk band from Cali-Colombia that is doing very interesting things mixing local rhythms, funk and hip-hop. 7 years, more than 150 shows, 20 cities, tours in Mexico and Peru, 2 albums are already part of their arsenal.

Which artist are you most looking forward to listen to this weekend? Were you already aware of some of their music?

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