Deezer x Metal Hammer

  • 24 May 2019
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Hey metal fans,

This year, Metal Hammer is celebrating 50 years of Metal, and we have partnered with them to bring you guys a whole host of behind the scenes interviews from some of the biggest names in metal.

Not only that, we'll be releasing some exclusive podcasts and playlists made by our dedicated metal music editor! Go check out our ‘New Noise’ weekly playlist to keep you updated with the latest metal releases. And for those of you wanting to explore tracks from across the globe, you will be able to enjoy a monthly playlist of metal music from one selected country, beginning with Indonesia.

Our celebration of 50 years of Metal will feature an exclusive series of playlists from the very best of heavy music across all five decades, plus a world-exclusive interview with metal eccentric, Devin Townsend. Go check out our dedicated Metal channel to find out more!

Which is your favorite metal band? Are you already familiar with the "Metal Hammer Podcast"? Tell us everything in the comments!

2 replies

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It's great news!!
I love metal !
My favorite band is Nightwish .
Keep it up guys (And girls😉)
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Thanks @Noam Asulin, glad you love this news!