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  • 14 January 2022
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On account of MyDeezerYear and our Best of 2021 Awards, we have been examining the promising and less promising times (essentially the ups) of 2021! We are abandoning one more year of limitations and lockdowns. In the beyond two years we had to be isolated and we needed to rehash methods of associating with each other. It was hard yet virtual networks have helped we all to feel less forlorn and cross every one of the extensions we experienced together.

We need to return to nuts and bolts and commend our Community, for being a Community!

The adoration for music and tech presented to all of us here, yet we should not fail to remember that a Community is made of individuals which is the reason, we concocted somewhat game to get to realize each other better and revealed a little insight into who takes cover behind the Deezer Avatars you see constantly!

Not to stress, everything is GDPR consistent! 🤘🏼

We have requested that our Deezer Legends start the game noting this little test, so you can become familiar with them and the valuable work they do here. Legends from our Global Community, yet additionally from our Portuguese and Spanish speaking Communities are taking part. At the point when we say we are a Global Community, we truly would not joke about this!! ople together.

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