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  • 14 March 2019
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Have you ever wanted to listen to music all day and get paid for it? Dom Wallace, our Global Pop Editor does exactly that.

Dom is the man behind all of the Pop playlists, spending over 1,425 hours every year vetting the latest tunes to adorn the global homepage and ‘channels’. With an incredible 75% of his working day spent listening to music, Dom manages to power through 2-3 new albums a week, equating to 156 albums a year 💪.

There’s no slowing down when it comes to discovering new talent or releases. In an average year, Dom will watch over 80 artists perform and hears 300 new tracks a week. All to determine whether they will make it into one of his 25 playlists...so you don’t have to! Friday is the busiest day of the week for all editors, as this is when most albums and tracks are released 🙌.

Alongside the ‘artist marketing’ managers (the team behind the relations and promotion of musicians), the music editors handle around 250 meetings a year with labels, management and artists that include both break-through and big name singers, from Lewis Capaldi through to Dua Lipa.

But Dom is not alone 😉. With over 40 other Deezer editors located worldwide and listening to almost 5,000 hours of music a year between them, every day is completely different. Robin Vincent is Deezer’s ‘Mood’ Editor and has to get behind a massive mix of emotional and contextual scenarios by using his expert ear along with personal judgement to create his playlists. One minute he could be selecting songs for ‘Sad Song Sing-a-long’ and the next minute, he’s nose-diving straight into the ‘Fitbit Gym Mix’.

In addition to moods, global music editors focus purely on specific and local genres, with classical, folk, rock and heavy metal, rap, R&B, dance and gospel all having their own dedicated editor in countries all over the world. Whether it’s a relaxed classical dinner date or an electronic pumped up workout - there’s always a music editor working behind the scenes 🎧.

So what do you think? Is there any other role at Deezer that you would love some similar insights on? Share your suggestions in the comments below!

4 replies

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Great post and very interesting! :)

Ok.. what about your typical day/week @helene.deezer ? 🙂
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@Rob Igo I'm afraid I have the most boring job of all... A lot of reporting, a lot of topics research, a lot of social media community management, and not enough time to engage properly on the community 😂
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Amazing! Thank you Helene for the insights of jobs at Deezer and more specific the music editor job. I’m sure it is fascinating! :heart_eyes: I also love to create and maintain playlists and listen to a lot of music. Now that I switched from the free to the premium plan I will even increase my possibilities to discover more beautiful music for my playlists.



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Hi @Agustin Amigo 

Your feedback has been very well received here at Deezer. Thank you very much and keep up the good work discovering music :wink: