Compilation of the week: share any compilation you like

  • 4 July 2021
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I listen weekly many compilations :ballot_box_with_check:

Now I share them once a week when I find the finest. You can share them even more often if they are just too good and you can not wait. Please comment why it should be heard by someone.

This is released on 13.11.2020 and it has 5 fans.

Genre is Freeform/Happy Hardcore.

Label is Nu Energy Records.

Not much, but it has streams for Freeform hard dance music. This music is basically “free to build”. In this albums it seems freeform is based on happy hardcore and comes with longest mixes.

Music is my life, and compilations are my street to happiness.

Your doctor was right… and now I hear this all in Hifi versions. The sound is stunning!

The best thing is, it’s all right on your Deezer ?

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Perfectly mixed compilation. HiFi way.

I took one hour walk today just listening and I still have tracks remaining. This is about 5 hours.

Best track is this:

Remember to have one life, so do not waste it hoping different results.

This is released on 17.08.2018 and it has 1,969 fans.

Genre is Hard Dance/Hardstyle/Hardcore.

Label is b2s compilations.

I enjoyed the track, and realised to have One Life. Time to live. Hifi way.

I was using my Unlimited 4G+ net:on my phone 9,90 a month 50 Mbps and it streamed all the time Online with 1411 kbps quality. Noticeable when compared to HQ even on 990 kbps only.

My WH-1000XM3 are capable wireless only 990 kbps flac.

Why wait for tomorrow when you can live HiFi today? Now home wired, 1411 kbps easily.