classical mix - Rhapsody in Blue

  • 28 September 2021
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I’m quite enjoying the mixes although please let us favourite them on mobile. 
Anyway it might be an almighty coincidence but it was cool to kick off the Classical mix on Sunday with Rhapsody in Blue on Ghershwin’s birthday! It was a great version too but I didn’t favourite it, grr!

3 replies

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You’re welcome, there is an official Deezer Scrobbling FAQ on the support forum with more infos and screenshots:

Also an overview of FAQs for new users:


Thank you, the good old search worked, it was the version with Benjamin Grosvenor by the way


I will look into the Last FM option, I’ve seen that mentioned in various places over the years but never really looked into it.

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Deezer offers a limited listening history in their desktop app and web player, not sure about the mobile apps. You can find it in your Favorites tab under More, maybe Rhapsody In Blue is still listed there.

To avoid this, you can also scrobble your Deezer listening history to which will track everything you have heard since connecting both accounts in the Sharing Preferences of the Deezer web player. It will also show the date and time of listening which is missing in the Deezer listening history.

Maybe searching for Rhapsody In Blue in Deezer gives you an idea which version it was, as you might remember the shown album artwork or the name of a performer (pianist, conductor or orchestra).