▶ Celebrate International Women’s Day with these playlists

  • 8 March 2018
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▶ Celebrate International Women’s Day with these playlists
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International Women’s Day is a celebration of how much women have accomplished and how much they are still fighting for progress. It’s a day to salute fierce females everywhere.🙌🏼

We've asked some of the coolest female artists in the world to take over our service to celebrate, check it out:
  • Ibeyis empowering playlist ranges from Sade to Amy Winehouse and is packed with vital voices from around the world.
  • Anne-Marie’s eclectic selection includes some of the biggest names in pop music and is jam-packed with anthemic bangers.
  • Annie Lennox and Sofia Reyes have shared their favourite songs by other women.

Also, our music editors have also provided their best picks from female artists in the following playlists:

Take a look at their picks and let us your favorite ARTIST and PLAYLIST❤️

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