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New Single by Summer Tryouts is Out Now on DEEZER!


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House, Funky House, Electro House, Garage and Electronic Dance Music
We want to share our first EP with the community, thanks a lot and let's keep making music!!!


You can follow us: 👇👇

Instagram: @supranimals_band
LEAVES is my last release. Piano music:

Hi guys, my name is D'LUCCA. I am a DJ/Producer of electronic and experimental music

I present my new singles, thank you very much for listening!



Im from Detroit Michigan in America. Enjoy


Im from Detroit Michigan in America. Enjoy
Hi there!

I'm from BLEU HOUSE, we just released our 2nd single called "Sign". I want to share it and hope you enjoy!

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NEW FOR 2019! Check out the New Album "Platform" by Summer Tryouts.

Now Live on Deezer! Electronic Music Like No other!

JFK spits it how he lives it on "Pull Up" his brand new single presented by FPC 5150 Entertainment. Born in Brooklyn and rise in Miami , JFK has elements of traditional hip-hop in his charisma but for the most part his style is modernized and geared toward the new generation from a sonic perspective. The melodic flow and bouncy cadences are a nice compliment to this smooth instrumental and make for an easy listen, a sound that you can just cut up to. Currently based in Miami, JFK has clearly been living it up and you can hear it in the lavish imagery in his lyrics. JFK has been on fire in 2018 and his EP CUM PARTY WITH US is a special body of work that really displays his versatility as an all around artist
hello am munye Scripts from Uganda East Africa check out my new single flora via this link
and help me share it to your play lists
Hello there! I recently put out a small 5 track EP as a small debut. Hope you like it!

Number 1 Victim Of Crime - Closer To Em

Here is the link: https://www.deezer.com/track/622977952?utm_source=deezer&utm_content=track-622977952&utm_term=2595816642_1549945711&utm_medium=web
Hey everyone! We in The Collection play Orchestral Rock / Chamber Pop! Between 7 members we play Trombone, Harmonium, Electric Guitar, Trumpet, Drums, Bass, Piano, Acoustic, and Vibraphone! Check it out if you feel so inclined!