Anybody use the app Stateeztics on Deezer mobile/website?

  • 6 November 2017
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I think it's a great little fun tool and emails you every month with your listening habits! :)

search and add me if you want to compare how much you listen too!

6 replies

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I used it for like 2 or 3 months and it is really interesting!! It is funny how far off I am if I would have to estimate what I listened to the most etc.

Gonna add you if I'll use it again in the future.
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Yes, I receive my monthly analysis! I just added you and you have been really active this month!!
It is quite interesting to see "your musical North" apparently mine is more pop which I think is right, what is yours?

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This is mine . I'm listening to Metal mostly but can listen to everything sounds interestinghttps://
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Add me - Username: Rui André Durão or
I just started using this and I love it! Feel free to add me (Emily.Maiden) 🙂
This is a very interesting thread!

Isn't this how YT Music works...but they use a more detailed 3D "mapping" of musical tastes?

(Can't find a "country" or "western" category in Stateeztics. :)