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  • 4 July 2021
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Yo everyone . 


I’m listening to a lot of music . I’m old school , I love the album format much more than single tracks . I also love to read about albums and know more about them . So I figured I’ll create a new thread which will include a recommended` album by me , once a week .I’ll write a few words on the album and provide a link to the album on Deezer for you to listen to . 

My first recommendation is for a classic concept album which I like very much. In fact this album is on my top 20 albums of all times. 

The album is Operation: Mind crime by Queensrÿche  .

Year : 1988 

Genre : Rock/Metal 

Label : EMI 


This is an album that brought the American band the fame it deserved. The album was released in 88. This is a concept album / rock opera that tells the story of Nicki, a drug addict who is disappointed with the corruption that dominates the society in which he lives. He becomes, against his will, a member of a revolutionary group and serves as an assassin on leading politicians. The group is called Anarchy X and its leader is Dr. X from which Nicky receives commands. The same doctor manipulates Nicky by using Nicky's heroin addiction and brainwashing to become an assassin. Every time Dr. X uses the term Mindcrime Nicky becomes a "puppet on a string" and does as the doctor says, usually assassinating people's lives according to the doctor's wishes. As Nicki's organization grows, so does his ego and adherence to his master's theory. One of the assassinations that Nicki is required to carry out is that of a corrupt priest named Father Williams.

At one point Nicki's friends offer to go to an escort girl named Sister Mary. The same escort girl causes Nicky to start doubting his faith in. Dr. X. The Doctor recognizes the threat and demands that Nicky assassinate Mary along with the pastor. Nicky murders the pastor in his church but is unable to hurt Mary (who belongs to the same church) because by this point he already feels feelings for her. His love for Mary causes him to make a decision, leave the Anarchy X organization and live his life with Mary. Nikki Comes to the doctor and informs him of his desire to leave, the doctor of course does not allow this and reminds Nicky that the second option, apart from leaving the organization, is to return to his life full of self-loathing and heroin addiction. Nicky leaves the meeting in a storm of emotions and goes to Mary. He finds her dead. Nicky struggles to cope with the loss and the possibility that he indirectly caused her murder and begins to lose his sanity. He runs through the streets and calls her name.

Police arrive and try to arrest him and at this point a gun is found in Nicky's possession. So Nicky was taken into custody on suspicion of murdering Mary and the other murders he committed for Dr. X. Nicky was taken to a psychiatric hospital when he was suffering from an almost complete loss of memory. At some point he manages to recreate in his mind his last moments with Mary. At this point, one actually returns to the beginning of the story (and the album) when his memory returns to him and he looks in the mirror and does not recognize himself.

This entire album was written by Geoff Gate , the vocalist of the band back then . 



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Wow, what an idea.

I listen music hours a day. Yesterday I listened music on Deezer all day long.

My favourite album is DJ Tht… about the dancefloor…

It has been released 02/12/2011 and has 2 fans!

It has been on a DJ Beat Records label.

His genre is Hard Dance/HandsUp/Dancecore.

This is stunning, as thanks to album I was listening hard dance music after this albums 24/7. Before I listened pop music, hard metal music and casual dance. This was so great, I no more had time for anything else. My doctor recommended at that time hearing hard dance on Deezer for boredom.

Doctor was right… I no more feel boredom and now I hear it in Hifi quality. That’s album!

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Japanese happy hardcore album.

It has been released 01/05/2012 and has 6 fans!

It has been on a Sprite Recordings label.

His genre is Hard Dance/Happy Hardcore.

Underground, but it still rockin’ the clubs around the world. This is what I listen.

You can’t find this on any radio channel. This is why Deezer Hifi is my radio.

My album of the week, in fact the last two months is Impulse by Ilan Bluestone, an absolute must for any tranceheads. It’s the perfect sounds for relaxing on a hot afternoon, or winding down before bedtime.


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It has been released 28/10/2016 and has 898 fans!

It has been on a Undergroundtekno label.

His genre is Hard Dance/Hardtek.

You may ask who is Guigoo? It sound weird, but it performs even worse… Your neighbour will be at your door next second screaming to turn this garbage down! Only it’s far from that, masterpiece!!!

Catch me if you can, let’s turn up the volume.

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If you want to hear only weird music… I listen daily. Listen this.

It has been released 31/05/2019 and has 14 fans!

It has been on a Iboga records label.

His genre is Hard Dance/Psytrance.