Uncap max playlist size on Mobile

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Ex-Deezer here, it seems that I can finally get beyond the legacy 1K songs limit in my playlists 🙌. Currently I have over 1.6K favs according to Deezer's web UI but only 976 on iOS, how can it be? 😓


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Hi there 🙂 Sorry for the delayed reply. We're still in the test phase on iOS. You should soon be able to see the increase of tracks in the beta app and as soon as everything works as expected, it will be implemented in the standard app too :
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@Anja, are they working on increasing the limits when it relates to the library sizes on deezer? if so can we expect that this year (2019)

The feature that increases the playlist track limit from 1000 to 2000 tracks has been fully released in version 7.5.