Unable to delete faulty download

  • 9 September 2018
  • 2 replies

I’ve downloaded the latest Blue October album, however a number of tracks include white noise, clearly a fault. I have been unable to delete these tracks or indeed the album ( with a view to again download. Any solution to this issue ?

2 replies

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Hi Gordon, sorry for the late response. Are you using the iOS Beta app? And if so, you should be able to delete the album from your list. Additionally you can delete the cache to release some space.

Afterwards please try to download the album again.
Dear Anna, deleted the cashe on the iTouch to no avail!

Where can I identify which version of Deezer I have ? Certainly iOS, not sure if it is the Beta app.

To remove the album from the device slid the DOWNLOAD (green switch) the the left.
Whereas many tracks are removed (no green dot) many tracks including the corrupted tracks remain making the album unlistenable!

is there a Delete functionality available beyond the above ?