Small bugs report

  • 24 September 2018
  • 5 replies

Hello , I'm new and just got "enroled" in the beta program.
i have noticed a few bugs in the latest release ..
First of the bugs i've noticed is in the main page , the refresh progress bar failed to dissapear after accesing the page .
The second bug is in the lirics of the song chevelle closure in flow , the lyrics are offset and when clicking on the text it jumps a paragraph .
The third "glitch" i've noticed since using the beta is that the audio is kind of distorted using the same setings as before , i'd like to add that i'm usong yhe highest quality .. i don't know why .
I'll update the bugs if i will find more .
Good day !

5 replies

New bug report ...
when in ofline mode and car mode is activated you have the option to add a song to favorite songs "heart button" , you can press it , but after getting back online it's not added to the liked songs playlist .. i have tried liking it ofline and turning back online simulating a network drop , it still showed as liked but it's not added , hope it makes sense . Cheers

Not necesarily a bug ...
but is it supposed to display "minus 17 hours ago "
or is it supposed to be line 17hours ago .. at a first glance it seems misleading .

Once again not necesarily a bug , but a iregularity..
when shuffle my music is on , on the lockscreen , the like or dislike action buttons are present , but have no efect whatsoever , eithter online or ofline .

Turns out that the low quality is indeed a glitch , just tested the app on my other phone on which i dont have the beta , and there is a huge dofference in quality .
the quality on the beta is very poor , altough i have my setings on the highest quality...
Admins , care to help ?
Noticed the same issue, too, with the audio quality in the beta version. Not as good as the regular version. I’m currently testing v. 6.43.0 ( I have my settings on the best audio quality available, HQ, but I notice this sort of “smeary” sound especially with the lows. It’s like all over the place. First thing that I actually did when I switched to the beta version was to change my equalizer setting (which by the way I had been using for a long time while on the regular version and had been satisfied with it).

Also I thought at first it was my headphones (though been using the same headphones from before) so I compared it with Spotify (am subscribed to both). Same song, same preset equalizer setting, same volume level, well, guess what? It’s not my headphones. Hopefully Deezer will fix this. Thanks.