Issues with car radio using BT connection

  • 29 September 2018
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Hi, since I am using the beta version (actual version in use is that I am experiencing issues when playing Deezer thru BT on my radio car. Radio seems unable to resume Deezer play. Is not clear to me what happens at time of the BT connection between my radio car and Deezer in my iPhone (SE, running iOS 12). Aparently, this cause Deezer to leave the playlist, once I open again the desired playlist in my phone then it works again. Before I installed the Beta version this uses to work perfectly, as I was always able to resume playlist playback, even, with days between usage. Now, I ma experincing this issue almost every time I leave my car and get back. My car system was not updated, so, the issue can be on iOS upgrade and / or Beta version. Thanks!

0 replies

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