Car play/artists not loading

recently got CarPlay and all was working but now Deezer does not load artists at all and is hit and miss when loading playlists and albums.


i have read previously forums of this happening and they said it will be fixed in version 6.3. I’m on version 6.4

all forums say Spotify works with no issues please can this be looked at?


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I am new on Deezer and since I’ve installed it on my iPhone 8 Plus iOS 12 it sometimes do not load nor playlists nor artista on CarPlay... Hope there’s a fix for it.
I do have the same problem, all three folders do stay empty all of a sudden
IOS 12.0.4 - Deezer : CarPlay not loading any playlist. Only flow is working
Thanks MichelC for testing the beta version of Deezer.

We are aware of issues with CarPlay. We worked hard on fixing these issues and the fixes should be available in the 7.6.0 that should be ready for beta testing in a week or so ☺