Audio quality needs improvement

  • 25 September 2018
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The audio quality in the beta version is not as good as the regular version. I’m currently testing v. 6.43.0 ( I have my settings on the best audio quality available, HQ, but I notice this sort of “smeary” sound especially with the lows. It’s like all over the place. First thing that I actually did when I switched to the beta version was to change my equalizer setting (which by the way I had been using for a long time while on the regular version and had been satisfied with it).

Also I thought at first it was my headphones (though been using the same headphones from before, it’s a Bose QC 35) so I compared it with Spotify (both premium subscriptions). Same song, same preset equalizer setting, same volume level, well, guess what? It’s not my headphones. Hopefully Deezer will fix this. Thanks.

1 reply

I've noticed this as well. The sound is almost distorted throughout the entire song.