Audio quality needs improvement

  • 25 September 2018
  • 2 replies

The audio quality in the beta version is not as good as the regular version. I’m currently testing v. 6.43.0 ( I have my settings on the best audio quality available, HQ, but I notice this sort of “smeary” sound especially with the lows. It’s like all over the place. First thing that I actually did when I switched to the beta version was to change my equalizer setting (which by the way I had been using for a long time while on the regular version and had been satisfied with it).

Also I thought at first it was my headphones (though been using the same headphones from before, it’s a Bose QC 35) so I compared it with Spotify (both premium subscriptions). Same song, same preset equalizer setting, same volume level, well, guess what? It’s not my headphones. Hopefully Deezer will fix this. Thanks.

2 replies

I've noticed this as well. The sound is almost distorted throughout the entire song.
I recently purchased a pair of bluetooth earbuds and have noticed the same difference in audio quality and soundstage between Deezer Premium and Spotify (even the free tier) via the iOS app. It appears to be an issue with the Bluetooth implementation as I don't notice such issues with music to Airplay speakers.

Has there been any improvement since this post was started? It would be great for Deezer to fix this up as it isn't my earbuds and there shouldn't need to be any difference in quality I wouldn't have thought. Thanks.