Red numbered bubble not disappearing as expected

  • 24 September 2020
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This is about the notifications triggering the red bubbles with a number inside on the app icon.

Even if all new notifications got opened and read this bubble often does not go away as expected which is really annoying me as a user, especially as the action(s) needed to make it go away are not easy understandable, so to me that looks like a bug. Can this be explained / checked / improved please?


2 replies

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Hey @UGatDeezer 

Thanks for reaching out here. You can either subscribe to different or no notifications via the account settings on your Deezer app. Or you can access the notifications settings in your iPhone and block the notifications for the Deezer app - let us know if need assistance with either options :thumbsup_tone2:

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I know about the settings, that’s not my point. It is that when new notifications got read that the red bubble anyhow does not go away.