iOS beta: ongoing issues: duplicates and audio settings defaulting to lesser quality

  • 12 June 2021
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Hello everyone,

I don’t know what’s the best channel for letting you know about issues with the beta. We don’t really know what to look for and the release notes a pretty much always the same.

I use the email provided by Testflight and also the in-app tool when making a screenshot.

Here are some of the latest issues I noticed:

  • Duplicates in favorites still happen. I believe that it happens more frequently when the app is updated to a newer version. I use a Family plan and I noticed that switching user often solve the issue (temporarily though).
  • When switching users (family plan still), the audio setting are back to default. For example, I always use the High Quality setting (not yet on an HiFi plan), but when I switch back and forth of user (for, let’s say, solving the duplicate issue), most of the audio settings are back to standard. I guess it would do the same with a HiFi. I guess it’s only a bug but it feels also unfair to favor (bu default) lesser quality settings.



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