Bugs right?

  • 7 March 2019
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Hello deezer team. I have a bug to report. Whenever I tap “previous” button for a song just right after the next song has played a little bit, the music pauses.

Lets say I am listening to “Lovetap”, and then the song fades away, the second the next song appears I tap “previous” to listen to “Lovetap” again. The app returns to “Lovetap” but doesnt play. Its in pause. Therefore I have to tap play then only the song continues to play.

In order to get this bug. You must put some crossfade in the app. Maybe at 5. Because when I set the crossfade to 0, and I tap previous just right after next song plays, it went back to “Lovetap” and not in pause mode, but in playing mode.

Its a bug right? I can record a video to show you the bug. Do reply. Thanks.

1 reply

Hello Afiq,

Thanks for your report!

We are aware of this behaviour, and so it is listed in our to-do bug tasks.

Best regards,