Wrong album covers on all loaded mp3s in Deezer mobile app

  • 3 February 2021
  • 5 replies

I have Deezer premium and been using it since July, everything was fine, but around a week ago ( just after uploading 2 tracks) all album covers on my iPhone app have been replaced on the last uploaded track cover. Moreover, it’s replacing once again after scrolling. I’ve checked covers through my laptop, everything is fine, no replacing. Reinstalling the app causes no effect

5 replies

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Hey @Ruska_puska 

Sorry to hear that.

So we know it's an issue with the iOS app according to what you're saying. I recommend you uninstall the app, restart your iPhone and then download it again.

If the problem persists, please let me know :thumbsup_tone2:

Thanks for replying. As I said, I already uninstalled the app and downloaded it again, nothing changed. Guess the only way is to wait for fix

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Hang in there @Ruska_puska apparently, this has been reported by another user as well, but on Android. Our devs are investigating it!

The songs on my playlist that are mp3s are all having the same cover album it's only happening on iOS from what I've seen


it started about 2 weeks ago and hasn't gone away

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Hey @miguel Baquero 

Thanks for reporting, we're fixing this at the moment. Keep your app updated :relaxed: