unable to arrange playlist

  • 2 July 2019
  • 3 replies

I am unable to rearrange my playlist. I see it modified while editing, but it doesn't show up as modified.

3 replies

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Hey @bassamz ! Thanks a lot for reaching out :)Can you give me further information please? Does the issue happen when changing the order of your tracks in a playlist or when adding new songs?
@Alessandra.Deezer The problem happens when changing the order of my playlist. So, after trying to re-order it, I can see the order in edit mode but not after saving. When trying to edit again I still see my modification which unable to be saved somehow.
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Hey @bassamz ! Can you tell me in what order you would like to list your playlists and on what device please? Also, a pic of the bug would definitely help. Thanks! 🙂