The IOS app randomly deletes my offline albums from the downloaded folder

  • 16 September 2018
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I have to open the album again to see the downloaded songs, and afterwards these are available again in the downloaded folder. At least temporarily. Once I close the app the album is gone again. This glitch creates two issues: 1-can’t keep track of those albums if there are not permanently available in the folder, 2-the downloaded songs are occupying space in my phone, and if I don’t have them in the folder I can’t delete them to free space, thus the only option to free the space occupied by these ghost songs is by deleting the app. As I said, this is absolutely random, and has happened for at least a year, so there have been +10 updates for the app without solving the glitch. Any thoughts?

20 replies

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Hi there, apologies for the late reply. How many downloaded albums do you have? Does this happen always with the same albums or different once? In order to free up space you just need to go to the album that is downloaded and set the switch to grey, this will delete the downloads.
Hi. I used to download several albums at the same time, since it was the method that I used to save for later the albums that I wanted to listen, but since this feature stopped working correctly I just download 1 or 2 albums. When I do it the songs are downloaded, hence a green dot appears on the side of each song, and even the album appears in the downloaded folder. The thing is that if I close and reopen the app the album is gone in that folder, but if I manually search for the album again the songs appear downloaded (green dot) and the album is visible again in the downloaded folder. As I said, this is random, some albums suffer from this glitch, others don’t. It is difficult to maintain the storage of my phone cleaned because of this glitch, but that’s not my main issue. I need this feature to work properly for all albums, if not what’s the point in paying for the service when this is the main reason to do so?
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Hi there, I understand the issue. So you have downloaded only one or two albums and this keeps happening?
Yes. It doesn’t matter how many albums are involved, the app can’t keep downloaded albums visible in the downloaded folder.
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Hi @kojikbuto, please increase the smart cache on your app. Open Deezer and go to the settings > App > and increase to the limit Let me know if it helps!
I cleared the space used and the smart cache, and increased the later to 28gb (think that is more than enough) and downloaded just one album that I am aware is suffering from the glitch just for testing purposes. Still, the album disappears after opening the app again, thus the glitch persists.
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I see, can you please tell us which phone you have and which version of the Deezer app you have installed?
Iphone SE 128gb.

IOS 11.4.1

Iphone model MP7X2LL/A
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Iphone model MP7X2LL/A

This is very random... Have you reinstalled the app?
Yes, several times. This glitch is not new, it has been ocurring for almost a year. I already requested a solution on this forum. It was suggested that it was an issue related to the amount of albums that I had as favorites, I (manually) deleted several of them and this didn’t solve anything.

Btw, this iphone is the second phone that I have owned experiencing the glitch. Before that I had and iphone 6 plus.
Any thoughts??
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But how many albums do you have downloaded more or less? It will not show more than 1000....
I don't know what you mean. Right know I have just a playlist and one album downloaded, and this one doesn't appear to suffer from the glitch.

Every time I've downloaded an albums it adds itself to the ALBUMS folder. Right know I have 1,330 albums in this folder, even that I tried to manually download almost 100 just to check if the problem could be solved.

Once again:

1-I searched an album, I downloaded it.
2-The album is located in the DOWNLOADED folder.
3-I close the app, I reopen it, the album is gone from the DOWNLOADED folder.
4-If I search for the album again, it indicates the songs are still downloaded.

As you can see, there is still one album in the folder, one that seems to be immune from the glitch.

I am also uploading a video of the procedure shown in the pictures.

Please let me know what else'd you need.Demo
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I can see you are using a VPN... please turn it off restart your phone and try again.
-VPN disabled
-Phone restarted
-VPN still disabled
-App opened
-(same) album downloaded and visible in the folder
-App restarted
-Album gone

In the end, same behavior as before, Turning off the VPN didn’t solve anything
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Sorry about that, could you please update your iOS to iOS 12 and take it from there? It is hard to understand the issue as we do not have other users reporting about this problem.
I just upgraded to IOS 12 and the problem persists. As I said, the problem started this year, thus there have been going on randomly in several versions of the app.
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Hi there, sorry for the confusion. It doesn't really matter how many albums you have downloaded as there is no limit. But what matters is the number of added albums in your library and you have about 1.3k albums. In the app only 1000 are being displayed, so if you add a new album you will probably be able to see it and even download it, but once you restart the app, 300 of those albums won't be visible which also messes with the downloaded ones.

You need to either remove about 300 of you albums or move them to playlists, so that you will get to 1000 or less. You won't have any issues with the downloaded ones afterwards.
I am 100% OK with that solution, but the thing is that this has to be made manually, I can’t delete that many albums massively. I already tried and it’d take hours to delete that many albums. I can’t edit the songs folder but I can’t do it with the one of the albums.

Please guide me, is there a way to delete the entire albums folder with just one command?

Aditionally, now you just realized that this limit causes issues to users. Are you planning to solve it? If this problem persists then the folder is not just useless but detrimental for the users’ experience with deezer.