stuck in the connection screen on Iphone

  • 4 October 2018
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I accepted a song from a Whast'App msg and tried to download through Deezer and since early morning my Deezer App has been stuck on the screen connection. I have already switch off 4 times and openned and nothing has changed. On computer version everything is ok. Tell me please what I should do to get back to the normal ? Re install my App on My IPhone? Might delete my songs if I re- install the App Deezer?

Thanks in advance

1 reply

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Hi Christine, so if you can't open the app at all anymore, there is not much I can suggest other than completely deleting the app from you phone. Please note that this won't delete any of the songs added to you library. You will just have to download the albums/ playlists again as the downloads will be removed.