Siri shortcuts not working properly on Deezer iOS app

  • 4 July 2020
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Siri on the Deezer app is not working properly, whether I use the built in iOS13 capabilities (“Hey Siri, play my favourite tracks on Deezer) or whether I use shortcuts created in Siri Shortcuts. Most of the times, Deezer won’t recognise any of my playlists and will just start playing my flow or a similarly named playlist from Deezer (not in my library). Other times, Siri will respond “Here’s your “Summer Tunes” playlist on Deezer” but then nothing happens.

I already tried the usual stuff:

  • Renaming my playlists
  • Reinstalling the Deezer app
  • Clearing the Deezer cache

All to no avail.

I’m using the latest version of the Deezer iOS app and have the latest version of iOS installed on my iPhone XR.


5 replies

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Thanks for reaching out to us about this @teaumaz :thumbsup_tone2:

I'll now put everything together and report this to our devs, make sure the app is kept up-to-date. Just one more thing, is this happening when you use Bluetooth headphones?

It basically happens when I invoke Siri. Could be while I’m listening to music through Bluetooth headphones or in the car via CarPlay. Strange thing is: sometimes it does work ( like 25% of the time). 

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Thanks for reporting back to us @teaumaz it could be related o CarPlay or the headphones. We need to look into it in more detail, I'll be forwarding your comments to our iOS teams - stay tuned for app updates :v_tone2:

Hi Rudi, IT has nothing to do with carplay or headphones as it happens also when I invoke Siri just using my voice, without wearing any headphones or my phone being connected to my car Bluetooth or CarPlay. 

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Aha! Apologies, I was just speculating because there have been some issues with those recently @teaumaz in any case, it has been passed on to our devs :thumbsup_tone2: