Shuffle Mode on IOS App Is Extremely Limited

  • 10 January 2019
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So for a while now the 'Shuffle My Music' function on the iOS app keeps looping the same songs and has a very limited selection based on my fairly extension album library. I don't think a Muse or Radiohead song has ever cropped when using this feature on my iPhone, even through I have almost all of their albums for example.

Why is this?

The 'Shuffle My Music' function on the web version of the site seems to work fine. I'm listening to this now and already I'm reminiscing on old songs that I haven't heard in a while, but are nonetheless in my library. Wish I could experience this when apparently I use the same feature in my car, or whilst at the gym.

Can you please explain why the iOS app is extremely limited here? This bug alone has got me thinking I should switch over to Spotify, but since I've used Deezer for a long time, I'm willing to raise the question before moving on.



3 replies

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Hi there, some users have reported the same and we are passing the feedback on to our devs. Hopefully they will be able to improve this feature soon! 😉
Ok, thanks Rafael.

Another feature to point out was that I wasn't notified of your reply haha. I had to log in to see whether anyone had responded... you'd think i'd get an email notification, or that my main Deezer screen (where I choose my songs etc...) would indicate somewhere that i've had a response in the community section.
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Hi there @TunnelVision

Thanks for the feedback. Normally the topic host always received a notification - so we'll look into this 😉